What is SEO ?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

How Does Google Decide Where to Rank Pages?

SEO involves writing pages that use keywords, words people use in searches, and securing links from other pages to show how important your page is compared to others.


There are too many tools & software available that helps you choose the right competitive keyword for your website.

The best tool is Moz Keyword Difficulty that gives you the specific score for any chosen keyword.

Scores range between 0 & 100, the lower the score, the better.

In general keywords that have a difficulty score lower than 40 are considered easy to target.

To double check from the results, I suggest you try MozBar plugin which is FREE to download for Chrome & Mozilla browsers.

MozBar allows you to analyze the Domain Authority & Page Authority for every website.

Domain Authority is based on the strength of the whole domain.

Page Authority is based on the strength of an individual page.

For Example has a very High Domain Authority with a score of 98

However not all sub-pages of Tumblr have the same Page Authority: has a Page authority of 58, while has a Page Authority of 1.

The higher the score a website gets for a page authority the better it ranks on Google.

And the lower the score, the easier it will be for YOU to compete with it.

So definitely Ancientart will rank better than Fashionplusforver in Google search.

Real Example

“Essential oils for allergies” has a Moz Difficulty score of:25 so it is considered a very easy keyword.

After installing MozBar on our Mozzila or Chrome browsers lets type “Essential oils for allergies” in Google :

The first thing we notice in the 1st page, is that most of the websites has a very low Page Authority Including 2 websites with a page authority of 1!.

Another thing we notice is that all the websites have a very low number of backlinks & some with no backlinks at all!

Therefore targeting this keyword is definitely a good choice especially that it has a 3600 monthly searches in USA alone!

Keywords Group

Are these all the steps I need to find the right keywords?
Simply … YES.
If so, I would assume you’re planning to make profit from your website by selling a product, service or you are an affiliate marketer.

Briefly your keyword or keyword group should have a search volume higher than 2000 and a MOZ difficulty score lower than 40.

What is keywords group? lets assume your writing an article about green tea.

If for example  the monthly search volume for “green tea benefits” is 500 and the same for “green tea price”, “green tea reviews”, “green tea side effects” then in total you have 2000 monthly search if we combine all keywords together.

Your article title could be : Green Tea benefits,price,reviews and side effects.

Google Adsense

If planning to make money from Google Adsense, additional to the steps mentioned before, you would need to target:
Keywords with a Cost Per Click above $1 & a competition range in Google Adwords from Medium to High.


Choosing the wrong keyword is a big waste of time and money:

  • You will lose what you paid for the unqualified person you hired to make your keywords research.
  • You will lose the money you spent for your article writer.

And the biggest loss is that you will wait months expecting to see good results…but at the end you get nothing.

It is not the quantity of keywords you use, it is all about quality.


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