Can people be blamed for wanting more likes? Of course not. When users see that a Facebook business page has a lot of likes, it signals that the brand is worth exploring.

In this article we will discuss how you can get easily thousands of real Facebook page likes within 24 hours and why you should stay away from fake likes.


Fake Likes

Mots of likes sellers you find online, are using different spam software that will get you fake likes to your page fast, however buying fake likes is a very dangerous practice and damaging to your brand in the long term.

Facebook will surely catch on to your misdeeds and take action against your page as mentioned on Facebook official website.

When Facebook detects likes from fake Facebook accounts (whether purchased or not), they remove your Page updates from the news feed. You end up losing a significant part (if not all) of your reach and engagement.

Beyond poor content, Facebook can tell the difference between phony fans and the real deal. If a Page tries to game the system (e.g., by buying fake likes), it’s just a matter of time before their content is dropped too.

Unfortunately, many small business owners have paid the price because they weren’t aware that buying fake likes is a bad business practice that results in penalties.


Real & Safe Likes

The ONLY safe way to get thousands of real likes fast is by using Facebook Ads. Why Facebook Ads? Simply because Facebook wants you to use their paid ads service to advertise your page, at the end this is how Facebook company makes money!

Most of people think that getting real likes will cost them lot of money and will take lot of time to achieve the results they want, however at Dot Impression we sell real likes using Facebook Ads starting $0.02/like.


When you purchase any of our packages, after 24 to 48 hours you can easily see in your Page Insights that you have received a certain number of likes, the system will also show you that the source of these likes is from paid Facebook Ads.